Scorpion Wall

Scorpion Wall

The Scorpion Wall was built by Kaiu Iemasa around the Second Festering Pit within the Scorpion lands. It was defended by Scorpion and Crab forces [1] in the Fukitsu province. Imperial decree dictated that no foreign army would come within half a li of the Second Festering Pit except in assistance against outbreaks. [2]

Alliance with the Crab Edit

The Crab aided the Scorpion in the construction of the Scorpion Wall. In return the Kuroiban gave the Crab full cooperation and the uninhibited sharing of information in matters relating to the taint or maho. [3] This formal alliance over the management and security of the Second Pit was known as the Treaty of Odashi, [4] signed in 1175. [5]

Location Edit

The Scorpion Wall was located at the edge of the foothills to the Spine of the World Mountains: the northern part of the Chuuou province and along the border of the Beiden province. The construction of the Wall forced the rebuilding of the road from Kyuden Bayushi to the city of Kagoki, pushing it further south. [5]

Construction Edit

Inner Ring

The Inner Ring

The Scorpion Wall was made with an outer wall and an inner wall, and a fortified village in between, [3] Himitsu Mura. [6] The outer wall to protect the Scorpion from the eyes of the Empire, and the inner wall to protect the Scorpion from the pit itself. In the village were placed tainted samurai who would sacrifice their lifes to permit rapid response to outbreaks. These two walls plan remained a secret to the rest of Empire though magic. [3] The Kaiu Daimyo Kaiu Iemasa built the Wall and standing Crab forces were stationed there. In 1175 Hida Demopen was appointed there, to command the forces that would guard the builders, and he later became the commander of a section of the wall. [1] The nearby Pit's Edge village was home to all who wished to visit the Second Pit. [7]

First Breach Edit

In 1190 [8] Haruno no Oni breached the Scorpion Wall. It took the life of a Phoenix Inquisitor who was visiting the wall before it fell under a rain of arrows and a deadly blow of Hida Demopen. [1]

Staged by the Scorpion Edit

The inquisitor, Asako Moeru, had been murdered by an assassin. The Scorpion staged the outbreak to cover the murder, and they had killed Moeru's entourage outright before the Oni breached the wall. [8]

Breached again Edit

Scorpion Wall is Breached 2

The Scorpion Wall is Breached

The Wall was breached again in 1198 by Ki no Oni [9] and other demons. [10]

Conflict with the Lion: Third Breach Edit

Lion made allegations that the Scorpion were using trade caravans to move information and spies through Shamate Pass under the pretense of supplying their fortifications at the Second Pit. [11] Lion and Scorpion incidents escalated, and many of Scorpion troops were redeployed to face the Lion assault. In 1200 a detachment of Crab troops were sent to reinforce the Wall. [12] A breach in the Scorpion Wall let oni to engage and invading Lion forces nerby. [13] Crab

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