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Scorpion Spells were spells only taught to students of the Scorpion Clan shugenja schools. [1]

Spells Edit

Beyond Nothing's Grasp Edit

The Beyond Nothing's Grasp spell protected the target against effects of the Shadows. [2]

Burning Gaze Edit

The Burning Gaze spell stupefied the target. [1]

Clouded Mind Edit

The Clouded Mind spell made the target to lose his short-term memory. [1]

Reveal the Darkness Edit

The Reveal the Darkness spell detected the tough of the Shadows. [3]

Serpent's Tongue Edit

The Serpent's Tongue spell make the target to speak without meaning. [1]

Soshi's Anger Edit

The Soshi's Anger spell stripped a skill of the target. [3]

Weight of the Heavens Edit

The Weight of the Heavens spell caused the target to lose its flying ability. [1]

Yukimi's Smile Edit

The Yukimi's Smile spell suppressed any magic involving illusion, enchantment or the subversion of a subject's will. [3]


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