Scorpion Clan Coup Box Text
Written By: Unknown
Edited By: Unknown
Released: Unknown
Link: [1]
Story Year: 1st century, 1123
Bayushi Shoju

Bayushi Shoju

Seven brothers and sisters of the Sun and the Moon, the Kami, fell to the earth 1,000 years ago. Six swore to protect and teach the Rokugani. One become corrupted and swore vengence on his siblings. A simple peasant and seven samurai defeated the corrupt Kami at the dawn of history to make Rokugan safe.

It is a terrible night. A massive storm has broken over Otosan Uchi, the Imperial Capitol. Somewhere in the rain-lashed streets the Emperor's greatest general, Akodo Toturi has been poisoned by one he loves. Bayushi Shoju has asked for and received the Emperor's permission to take whatever steps are necessary to protect the Empire from absolute destruction. Ninja secretly infiltrate the castle, while legions of Scorpion Bushi enter through a secret passage and prepare to defend the walls against the siege of the other six Clans.

Fu Leng has waited a millenia for his revenge. He has sworn an enternity of darkness will be his reign. Somewhere in the Shadowlands, the first Black Scroll is opened. In the heart of the Empire, the 38th Hantei Emperor is beheaded. Known only to the Scorpion Clan, the Prophecies of Uikku have begun to manifest. This is the beginning of the end...

This is the Scorpion Clan Coup!

Errors Edit

  • There were ten Kami. Eight fell to Rokugan and and swore to protect it. One, Fu Leng, fell to Jigoku and was corrupted. And the last, Ryoshun, was dead before the fall and was forgotten for centuries.
  • The first Black Scroll is opened by Yogo Junzo sometime after the Coup, not during it.

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