Scorpion Clan Coup Booster Box Text
Written By: Unknown
Edited By: Unknown
Released: Unknown
Link: [1]
Story Year: 1123
Bayushi Shoju

Bayushi Shoju

Booster Box (all of the SCC boxes have the same text)

In a distant land, in an age long forgotten, the darkest treachery is born...

For a thousand years, the Scorpion Clan has served the Emperor, jealously guarding the secrets of the Empire's most important families. But now, Bayushi Shoju, Scorpion Daimyo, has discovered a secret too dire to hide, too powerful to ignore. Fate forces his hand; now is the time of treason. He must lead his clan against the Emperor himself, for if he does not, the Emperor will bring doom upon the land, and a thousand years of darkness...

For three years, players of Legend of the Five Rings have heard whispered rumors of the infamous Scorpion Clan Coup. Now they can step into Rokugan's history and watch destiny unfold. And teach the Scorpion their most brutal lesson: history is written by the victor...

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