Scorpion Clan Coup, Scroll Two

Card list and Flavor Text Edit

Title Flavor Text
A Vision of Truth "Following a false light only leads you deeper into darkness." - The Tao of Shinsei
Agasha Nabe "As the armies of the Dragon marched on Shoju, he knew that even hopes of escape were fading into the setting sun."
Arrival of the Unicorns "Yokatsu pushed them forward through the day and night...and they loved him all the more."
Asahina Uojin "Drawing from the souls of a thousand fallen Cranes, Uojin gave that strength to the men who charged into Shoju's army."
Bayushi Dairu "Kachiko's son has her wits, but he has a Crane's eyes."
shi House Guard "---"
Bayushi Kyono "Hokitare said, 'Shoju's prodigy Kyono is who we must be concerned with, my Lady.' Tsuko glared at him, 'I fear no one, samurai.'"
Bayushi Yojiro "His choice saved his life, but cost him his honor and his heritage."
Defenders of the Realm "---"
Disloyalty "Cut off the right arm and the left will be wholly occupied trying to stop the flow of blood." - from Bayushi's Lies
Doji Satsume "---"
Fury of the Earth "---"
Gift of Fealty "Though he is close to my heart, I will send him far to serve my cause."
Hasagawa "'He is a ronin, Shoju-sama,' Dozan objected. 'If he carries a sword and will fight the Lion, I do not care what he is!'"
Hida Matyu "For years, Kisada has peered over the plans to Otosan Uchi, looking for a way to storm her walls...and today is the day."
Hojatsu's Blade "Wielded by the Dragon Hojatsu eight hundred years ago, it is a blade of honor and tradition, and it bestows the strength of both."
Iaijutsu Art "---"
Isawa Sze "Sze would not survive this day, but sending holy fire into the Scorpion army, he knew his life would allow the Lion to gain the ground they needed."
Kappa "---"
Kuroshin's Prayer "---"
Led From theTrue Path "---"
Lieutenant Daini "---"
Lieutenant Uji "As Uji watched his father die on the end of a Scorpion sword, he cries out his name, his heart filled only with the fires of revenge."
Matsu Hokitare "Face me, you coward! Let the Fortunes decide which of us will walk home with glory and which of us will go begging forgiveness from our ancestors!"
Matsu Tsuko (Inexp.) "Only those with hearts of courage will survive this day, and Shoju's heart is too filled with trickery to hold any courage."
Monk Advisors "---"
My Enemy's Weakness "That which makes my enemy weaker makes me stronger."
Ninja Shapeshifter (Inexp.) "---"
North Wall of Otosan Uchi "---"
One Man's Honor "Any one man's honor is second to the life of his Clan."
Piercing the Soul "---"
Plain of Fast Troubles "---"
Ranbe "The fire of the Thunderer runs through my veins. Now, it will run through yours..."
Rear Guard "---"
Shazaar "---"
Shinjo Goshi "---"
Shoju's Armor "---"
Soshi's Curse "---"
The Dragon Pearl "---"
The Face of My Enemy "---"
The Fair Voice of Lies "Many lies have been sung with fair voices. Now is the time for the harsh sound of the truth."
The Kharmic Wheel Spins "Dig deep, Toturi, and find the strength neither you nor he knew you had." - Akodo Kage
The Moment Before the Strike "One man's dawn is another man's twilight."
The Purity of Kitsu "---"
The Ruby of Iuchiban "---"
The True Lands "---"
Touching the Soul "---"
Trading Port "---"
West Wall of Otosan Uchi "---"
When Men Stand Divided "---"

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