Scorpion Clan Coup, Scroll Three

Card list and Flavor Text Edit

Title Flavor Text
A Final Duel "In the end, there was a broken throne, a broken sword and a broken man..."
A Greater Destiny "---"
Acolyte Kaede "She follows her father and sensei Ujina, ignorant of the destiny that only she is worthy to bear."
Agasha Mumoko "After her apprenticeship she spent many months with the Kaiu family, learning how to bring her skills to the battlefield."
Agasha's Mirror "---"
Akodo Hari "The Scorpion army was routed, and when Tsuko cried for a charge, Hari stepped down. 'I will not slaughter defeated men,' he said."
Akodo Ikawa "Surrounded by a thousand Scorpions, Ikawa charged into the thick of them, screaming his death cry, cutting and butchering as he went."
Akodo Matoko "You question my honor, you question the honor of every man who follows me. Are you prepared for that challenge, Crane?"
Akodo Toturi| (Inexp.) "We will employ tactics that even the greatest strategist will not anticipate." - Bayushi Kachiko
All Distances are One "---"
Asahina's Breath "---"
Bayushi's Labyrinth "---"
Fires of Retribution "Isawa Szu [sic] threw fire on Shoju's army, but Bantaro whispered, and Szu's robes burst into flames."
Give Me Your Hand "Give me your hand, my brother."
Heartbeat Drummer "Strings? Pah! Give me music that fires the soul!" - Otaku Kamoko
Hida Kisada (Inexp.) "The battle ceased as both Toturi and Shoju waited to see which army the Great Bear would join..."
Hiruma Osuno "Kisada left only a few Hiruma on the Kaiu walls as he gathered his forces to storm Otosan Uchi."
Isawa Ujina "---"
Isawa's Helm "A Gift from Asahina, Isawa's helm guards its wielder with both Crane magic and the lingering spirit of its first owner."
Jitte "---"
Kaiu Castle "---"
Kyudo "---"
Lieutenant Sukune "His mettle will be tested first here. It will be tested again."
Lieutenant Tsanuri "She follows Tsuko, wondering where her sensei could be."
Mirror Image "---"
Mirumoto Satsu "If there is ever a single shadow of doubt, you will fail and you will die." - from Mirumoto's Niten
Obi of Protection "Matsu Hitomi's obi was lost long ago, but not lost forever... "
Plains of the Emerald Champion "---"
Quarry "---"
Shiba Kyo "'If only we could see beyond the walls,' Tomo said. Kyo bowed. 'Let me be your eyes, my lord.'"
Street to Street "---"
Streets of Otosan Uchi "---"
Subversion "The shadows have secrets even the Scorpions cannot fathom."
Sunabe "---"
Suru's Mempo "Worn by Iuchiban's chief lieutenant Suru, the mask steals the will of others to make its wielder strong."
Swamp Spirits "The treacherous Scorpion shugenja employed the darkest maho in defending the captured Otosan Uchi." - The Lion Histories, Volume I
Tell the Tale "It is not the eyes that see, but the tongue that tells the tale."
The Ancient Halls of the Akodo "---"
The Courage of Osano-Wo "For it is the courage of Osano-Wo - the Thunderer - that fills men's souls and drives them when their flesh fails."
The Crab Arrive "---"
The Fog of War "Sending an army without a scout is like leaping from a mountain without looking below." - from Akodo's Leadership
The Fortune's Wisdom "Wisdom comes in finding the opportunities that dilemnas provide."
The Hub Villages "---"
The Master Painter "---"
The People's Champion "---"
The Shiba Fortification "---"
The Soul of Akodo "A great man's heart can pump the life's blood of a thousand men." - from Akodo's Leadership
The Soul of Shiba "---"
The Temples of Shinsei "---"
The World Stood Still "And the whole world stood still, as if the next moment would change everything."
Whispers of the Land "---"
Yazaki "---"

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