Scorpion Clan Coup, Scroll One

Card list and Flavor Text Edit

Title Flavor Text
A Samurai Never Stands Alone "With the spirits of his ancestors standing beside him, a samurai never stands alone." - from Akodo's Leadership
Agasha's Illusion "---"
Ancestral Sword of the Scorpion "---"
Armor of Osano-Wo "Thought to have been worn by the Thunderer, it is now worn by one whose soul carries thunder."
Arrival of the Unicorns "Yokatsu pushed them forward through the day and night...and they loved him all the more."
Bayushi Dozan "He knows the price that must be paid, and is willing to have those who follow him pay it."
Bayushi Kachiko (Inexp.) "Come, come, my lord. You know it is always easier to gain forgiveness than permission."
Bayushi Shoju (Inexp.) "---"
Bayushi Yokuan "His lord commanded him to guard the south wall, but it was the south wall that was the first to fall to the Lions."
Behind Night's Shadow "---"
Cavalry Raiders "The Moto charged and cut the Scorpion cavalry in half, leaving them naked for the second charge...from the Otaku battle maidens."
Daikua "---"
Divinitory Pool "It is rumored Kachiko has three means of scrying the secrets of the Seven Clans. One is her mirror, the second his her pool, and the third is her smile."
East Wall of Otosan Uchi "---"
Flood "---"
Freezing the Lifeblood "---"
Garrison "---"
Hantei the 38th "---"
Hatsuko "---"
Hiruma's Last Breath "---"
Imperial Palace Guard "The palace guard stood valiantly, but Shoju's men employed poisons, ninja, and all manners of treachery to gain his prize." - The Lion Histories, Volume II
Isawa Tomo's Portal "The chaotic forces that were somehow harnessed by the Master of Water pushed the attacking army leagues away where they were harmless."
Ishikawa "---"
Iuchi Katta "---"
Jujorin's Touch "---"
Lieutenant Morito "---"
Lions Attack the Crane "---"
Musubi "---"
Plains Above Evil "---"
Political Distraction "Shoju had to distract the Lion before attacking Otosan Uchi. Of course, Kachiko would handle that part of the plan." - The Scorpion Coup, Part II
Political Mistake "---"
Robbing the Dead "---"
Sanado "Suddenly, Retsuko spun and plunged a blade into our lord's belly, then disappeared into the shadows while our lord breathed his last." - Shiba Kyo
Shinjo Yokatsu (Inexp.) "---"
Shioda/Shioda "---"
Shosuro Ikawa "For a thousand years, the Shosuro have found strength in the shadows. It would be in their time of greatest need that the shadows would betray them."
Soshi Taoshi "He knew of the Lion's dark mines long before they came to light, but his knowledge would not save him from his fate."
Soshi Ujemi "---"
South Wall of Otosan Uchi "---"
Storehouses "---"
Streets of Otosan Uchi "---"
The 38th Hantei Falls "---"
The Endless Well "If your soul is one with the elements, it is an endless well of possibilities."
The Exalted Ugu "---"
he First Scroll is Opened "Shoju read the prophecy hidden behind the seal and knew his destiny."
The Secret Entrance "---"
The Shadow Stronghold of the Bayushi "---"
The Soul Goes Forth "Your soul - your life energy - is not bound by the flesh. In can reach where your fingers cannot." - The Tao of Shinsei
The Unclean Cut "Without a clean cut, your opponent may dishonor himself and you by crying out." - Toshimoko
Through the Waterways "Shoju's plan was simple: attack Otosan Uchi from within, capture her fortifications, and wait for the Lions." - The Scorpion Coup, Part I
Toturi is Drugged "Do not fear your enemies. Only a friend can betray you." - from Bayushi's Lies
War Wagon "---"
Yogo Shidachi "Shidachi trained for many months with Isawa Tomo, and the Master of Water's lessons did not go unheeded...or unapplied."

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