Scorpion Clan Coup, Scroll 2 was the third installment of a "prequel" expansion of Legend of the Five Rings Card Collectible Game and displayed the final days of the Scorpion Clan Coup. This set did not have Rares and also introduced starter deck for the Lion Clan.

Preceded by:
Scorpion Clan Coup, Scroll 2
Succeeded by:
Jade Edition

Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity Image
- A Greater Destiny Action Uncommon
A Greater Destiny-card
- Fires of Retribution Action Common
Fires of Retribution-card
- Kyudo Action Common
- Street to Street Action Common
Street to Street-card
- Subversion Action Uncommon
- Tell the Tale Action Common
Tell the Tale-card
- The Crab Arrive Action Common
The Crab Arrive-card
- The Fog of War Action Common
The Fog of War-card
- The People's Champion Action Uncommon
The People's Champion-card
- The Soul of Akodo Action Uncommon
The Soul of Akodo-card
- A Final Duel Event Uncommon
A Final Duel-card
- Give Me Your Hand Event Uncommon
Give Me Your Hand-card
- The Courage of Osano-Wo Event Uncommon
The Courage of Osano-Wo-card
- The World Stood Still Event Uncommon
The World Stood Still-card
- Acolyte Kaede Follower Uncommon
Acolyte Kaede-card
- Lieutenant Sukune Follower Uncommon
Lieutenant Sukune-card
- Lieutenant Tsanuri Follower Uncommon
Lieutenant Tsanuri-card
- Swamp Spirits Follower Common
Swamp Spirits-card
- Bayushi's Labyrinth Holding Uncommon
Bayushi's Labyrinth-card
- Heartbeat Drummers Holding Common
Heartbeat Drummers-card
- Quarry Holding Common
- Storehouses Holding Common
- The Master Painter Holding Uncommon
The Master Painter-card
- The Shiba Fortification Holding Uncommon
The Shiba Fortification-card
- Agasha's Mirror Spell Common
Agasha's Mirror-card
- Isawa's Helm Spell Uncommon
Isawa's Helm-card
- Jitte Spell Common
- Obi of Protection Spell Uncommon
Obi of Protection-card
- Suru's Mempo Spell Uncommon
Suru's Mempo-card
- The Fortune's Wisdom Kiho Common
The Fortune's Wisdom-card
- Hida Kisada Inexperienced Personality Uncommon
Hida Kisada Inexp-card
- Hiruma Osuno Personality Common
Hiruma Osuno-card
- Agasha Mumoko Personality Common
Agasha Mumoko-card
- Mirumoto Satsu Personality Uncommon
Mirumoto Satsu-card
- Akodo Hari Personality Common
Akodo Hari-card
- Akodo Ikawa Personality Common
Akodo Ikawa-card
- Akodo Matoko Personality Uncommon
Akodo Matoko-card
- Akodo Toturi Inexperienced Personality Fixed
Akodo Toturi Inexp-card
- Isawa Ujina Inexperienced Personality Uncommon
Isawa Ujina Inexp-card
- Shiba Kyo Personality Common
Shiba Kyo-card
- Sunabe Personality Common
- Yazaki Personality Common
- Kaiu Castle Region Common
Kaiu Castle-card
- Plains of the Emerald Champion Region Common
Plains of the Emerald Champion-card
- Streets of Otosan Uchi Region Common
Streets of Otosan Uchi-card2
- The Hub Villages Region Common
The Hub Villages-card
- The Temples of Shinsei Region Uncommon
The Temples of Shinsei-card
- All Distances are One Region Common
All Distances are One-card
- Asahina's Breath Spell Uncommon
Asahina's Breath-card
- Mirror Image Spell Common
Mirror Image-card
- The Soul of Shiba Spell Uncommon
The Soul of Shiba-card
- Whispers of the Land Spell Common
Whispers of the Land-card
- The Ancient Halls of the Akodo Stronghold Fixed
The Ancient Halls of the Akodo-card