Scorpion Clan Coup, Scroll 2 was the second installment of a "prequel" expansion of Legend of the Five Rings Card Collectible Game and displayed the Scorpion Clan Coup. This set did not have Rares.

Preceded by:
Scorpion Clan Coup, Scroll 1
Succeeded by:
Scorpion Clan Coup, Scroll 3

Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity Image
- A Vision of Truth Action Uncommon
A Vision of Truth-card
- Arrival of the Unicorns Action Uncommon
Arrival of the Unicorns-card2
- Defenders of the Realm Action Common
Defenders of the Realm-card
- Disloyalty Action Common
- Gift of Fealty Action Uncommon
Gift of Fealty-card
- Iaijutsu Art Action Common
Iaijutsu Art-card
- Rear Guard Action Common
Rear Guard-card
- The Face of My Enemy Action Uncommon
The Face of My Enemy-card
- The Moment Before the Strike Action Common
The Moment Before the Strike-card
- When Men Stand Divided Action Common
When Men Stand Divided-card
- My Enemy's Weakness Action Uncommon
My Enemy's Weakness-card
- One Man's Honor Event Uncommon
One Man's Honor-card
- The Fair Voice of Lies Event Uncommon
The Fair Voice of Lies-card
- The Kharmic Wheel Spins Event Uncommon
The Kharmic Wheel Spins-card
- Bayushi House Guard Follower Uncommon
Bayushi House Guard-card
- Lieutenant Daini Follower Uncommon
Lieutenant Daini-card
- Lieutenant Uji Follower Uncommon
Lieutenant Uji-card
- Monk Advisors Follower Uncommon
Monk Advisors-card
- North Wall of Otosan Uchi Holding Uncommon
North Wall of Otosan Uchi-card
- Trading Port Holding Common
Trading Port-card
- West Wall of Otosan Uchi Holding Uncommon
West Wall of Otosan Uchi-card
- Hojatsu's Blade Item Common
Hojatsu's Blade-card
- Shoju's Armor Item Uncommon
Shoju's Armor-card
- The Dragon Pearl Item Uncommon
The Dragon Pearl-card
- The Ruby of Iuchiban Item Uncommon
The Ruby of Iuchiban-card
- Fury of the Earth Kiho Common
Fury of the Earth-card
- Led from the True Path Kiho Uncommon
Led from the True Path-card
- Piercing the Soul Kiho Common
Piercing the Soul-card
- The True Lands Kiho Uncommon
The True Lands-card
- Touching the Soul Kiho Common
Touching the Soul-card
- Hida Matyu Personality Common
Hida Matyu-card
- Asahina Uojin Personality Common
Asahina Uojin-card
- Doji Satsume Personality Uncommon
Doji Satsume-card
- Matsu Hokitare Personality Common
Matsu Hokitare-card
- Matsu Tsuko Inexperienced Personality Uncommon
Matsu Tsuko Inexp-card
- Agasha Nabe Personality Common
Agasha Nabe-card
- Isawa Sze Personality Uncommon
Isawa Sze-card
- Bayushi Dairu Personality Uncommon
Bayushi Dairu-card
- Bayushi Kyono Personality Common
Bayushi Kyono-card
- Bayushi Yojiro Personality Common
Bayushi Yojiro-card
- Shinjo Goshi Personality Common
Shinjo Goshi-card
- Hasagawa Personality Common
- Kappa Personality Common
- Ninja Shapeshifter Inexperienced Personality Uncommon
Ninja Shapeshifter Inexp-card
- Ranbe Personality Uncommon
- Shazaar Personality Common
- Plain of Fast Troubles Region Common
Plain of Fast Troubles-card
- Kuroshin's Prayer Spell Uncommon
Kuroshin's Prayer-card
- Soshi's Curse Spell Common
Soshi's Curse-card
- The Purity of Kitsu Spell Uncommon
The Purity of Kitsu-card

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