Scorpion Clan Coup, Scroll 1 was the first installment of a "prequel" expansion of Legend of the Five Rings Card Collectible Game and displayed the preambles and first days of the Scorpion Clan Coup. This set did not have Rares, and also introduced starter deck for the Scorpion Clan.

Preceded by:
Time of the Void
Succeeded by:
Scorpion Clan Coup, Scroll 2

Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity Image
- A Samurai Never Stands Alone Action Common
A Samurai Never Stands Alone-card
- Arrival of the Unicorns Action Common
Arrival of the Unicorns-card
- Behind Night's Shadow Action Uncommon
Behind Night's Shadow-card
- Musubi Action Uncommon
- Political Distraction Action Common
Political Distraction-card
- Fog Political Mistake Uncommon
Political Mistake-card
- Robbing the Dead Action Common
Robbing the Dead-card
- The Secret Entrance Action Common
The Secret Entrance-card
- The Unclean Cut Action Common
The Unclean Cut-card
- Through the Waterways Action Uncommon
Through the Waterways-card
- Toturi is Drugged Action Uncommon
Toturi is Drugged-card
- Lions Attack the Crane Event Uncommon
Lions Attack the Crane-card
- The 38th Hantei Falls Event Uncommon
The 38th Hantei Falls-card
- The First Scroll Is Opened Event Uncommon
The First Scroll Is Opened-card
- Cavalry Raiders Follower Common
Cavalry Raiders-card
- Imperial Palace Guard Follower Uncommon
Imperial Palace Guard-card
- Lieutenant Morito Follower Uncommon
Lieutenant Morito-card
- Soshi Ujemi Follower Uncommon
Soshi Ujemi-card
- Divinitory Pool Holding Common
Divinitory Pool-card
- East Wall of Otosan Uchi Holding Uncommon
East Wall of Otosan Uchi-card
- Garrison Holding Common
- South Wall of Otosan Uchi Holding Uncommon
South Wall of Otosan Uchi-card
- Ancestral Sword of the Scorpion Item Uncommon
Ancestral Sword of the Scorpion-card
- Armor of Osano-Wo Item Common
Armor of Osano-Wo-card
- War Wagon Item Common
War Wagon-card
- Freezing the Lifeblood Kiho Common
Freezing the Lifeblood-card
- Jurojin's Touch Kiho Common
Jurojin's Touch-card
- The Endless Well Kiho Uncommon
The Endless Well-card
- The Soul Goes Forth Kiho Common
The Soul Goes Forth-card
- Hantei the 38th Personality Uncommon
Hantei the 38th-card
- Hatsuko Personality Common
- Ishikawa Personality Uncommon
- Sanado Personality Uncommon
- Bayushi Dozan Personality Common
Bayushi Dozan-card
- Bayushi Kachiko Inexperienced Personality Uncommon
Bayushi Kachiko Inexp-card
- Bayushi Shoju Inexperienced Personality Fixed
Bayushi Shoju Inexp-card
- Bayushi Yokuan Personality Uncommon
Bayushi Yokuan-card
- Shosuro Ikawa Personality Common
Shosuro Ikawa-card
- Soshi Taoshi Personality Uncommon
Soshi Taoshi-card
- Yogo Shidachi Personality Common
Yogo Shidachi-card
- Daikua Personality Fixed
- Shioda Personality Common
- The Exalted Ugu Personality Common
The Exalted Ugu-card
- Iuchi Katta Personality Common
Iuchi Katta-card
- Shinjo Yokatsu Inexp Personality Uncommon
Shinjo Yokatsu Inexp-card
- Isawa Tomo's Portal Region Uncommon
Isawa Tomo's Portal-card
- Plains Above Evil Region Common
Plains Above Evil-card
- Streets of Otosan Uchi Region Fixed
Streets of Otosan Uchi-card
- Agasha's Illusion Spell Uncommon
Agasha's Illusion-card
- Flood Spell Common
- Hiruma's Last Breath Spell Uncommon
Hiruma's Last Breath-card
- The Shadow Stronghold of the Bayushi Stronghold Fixed
The Shadow Stronghold of the Bayushi-card

Reprinted Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity Image
- Block Supply Lines Action Fixed
Block Supply Lines-card36
- Break Morale Action Fixed
Break Morale-card6
- Brilliant Victory Action Fixed
Brilliant Victory-card12
- Careful Planning Action Fixed
Careful Planning-card22
- Charge Action Fixed
- Contentious Terrain Action Fixed
Contentious Terrain-card16
- Deadly Ground Action Fixed
Deadly Ground-card17
- Dispersive Terrain Action Fixed
Dispersive Terrain-card11
- Encircled Terrain Action Fixed
Encircled Terrain-card20
- Entrapping Terrain Action Fixed
Entrapping Terrain-card18
- Honorable Seppuku Action Fixed
Honorable Seppuku-card9
- Iaijutsu Challenge Action Fixed
Iaijutsu Challenge-card16
- Iaijutsu Duel Action Fixed
Iaijutsu Duel-card19
- Intersecting Highways Action Fixed
Intersecting Highways-card7
- Meditation Action Fixed
- Oath of Fealty Action Fixed
No Image
- Occupied Terrain Action Fixed
Occupied Terrain-card6
- Outflank Action Fixed
- Rally Troops Action Fixed
Rally Troops-card7
- Rallying Cry Action Fixed
Rallying Cry-card15
- Remorseful Seppuku Action Fixed
Remorseful Seppuku-card11
- Superior Tactics Action Fixed
Superior Tactics-card14
- Traversable Terrain Action Fixed
Traversable Terrain-card8
- Archers Follower Fixed
No Image
- Goblin Chuckers Follower Fixed
Goblin Chuckers-card11
- Lesser Mujina Follower Fixed
Lesser Mujina-card6
- Light Cavalry Follower Fixed
Light Cavalry-card12
- Light Infantry Follower Fixed
Light Infantry-card27
- Medium Cavalry Follower Fixed
No Image
- Medium Infantry Follower Fixed
Medium Infantry-card30
- Naga Bushi Follower Fixed
No Image
- Ratling Pack Follower Fixed
No Image
- Scout Follower Fixed
No Image
- Skeletal Troops Follower Fixed
No Image
- Spearmen Follower Fixed
No Image
- Copper Mine Holding Fixed
Copper Mine-card31
- Geisha House Holding Fixed
Geisha House-card20
- Gold Mine Holding Fixed
Gold Mine-card27
- Hawks and Falcons Holding Fixed
Hawks and Falcons-card15
- Iron Mine Holding Fixed
Iron Mine-card22
- Jade Works Holding Fixed
Jade Works-card31
- Market Place Holding Fixed
Market Place-card8
- Sanctified Temple Holding Fixed
Sanctified Temple-card26
- Silver Mine Holding Fixed
Silver Mine-card22
- Small Farm Holding Fixed
Small Farm-card36
- Stables Holding Fixed
- Temple of the Ancestors Holding Fixed
Temple of the Ancestors-card4
- Bloodsword Item Fixed
- Crystal Katana Item Fixed
Crystal Katana-card10
- Jade Bow Item Fixed
No Image
- Naginata Item Fixed
No Image
- Shuriken of Serpents Item Fixed
Shuriken of Serpents-card9
- Akodo Kage Personality Common
Akodo Kage-card5
- Kitsu Toju Personality Common
Kitsu Toju-card4
- Matsu Agetoki Personality Common
Matsu Agetoki-card7
- Matsu Gohei Personality Common
Matsu Gohei-card5
- Bayushi Aramoro Personality Fixed
Bayushi Aramoro-card5
- Bayushi Hisa Personality Fixed
Bayushi Hisa-card5
- Soshi Bantaro Personality Fixed
Soshi Bantaro-card3
- Yogo Asami Personality Fixed
Yogo Asami-card2
- Ginawa Personality Fixed
- Biting Steel Spell Fixed
Biting Steel-card12
- Call Upon The Wind Spell Fixed
Call Upon The Wind-card6
- Castle of Water Spell Fixed
Castle of Water-card9
- Energy Transference Spell Fixed
Energy Transference-card8
- Look Into The Void Spell Common
Look Into The Void-card6
- Summon Faeries Spell Fixed
Summon Faeries-card5
- The Fury of Osano-Wo Spell Fixed
The Fury of Osano-Wo-card9
- Wind Born Speed Spell Fixed
Wind Born Speed-card7
- Wings of Fire Spell Fixed
No Image