The Scorpion Clan Army was the single army maintained by the Scorpion Clan, [1] abd it was based at Kyuden Bayushi. [2]

Organization Edit

The Scorpion army was organized in the same way as the rest of the Great Clans but the Lion, and their legions were called the Crimson Legions. They also fielded several special legion's worth of forces. [1]

Army Composition Edit

Below were some of the legions and units present in the Scorpion Clan Army: [3] [4]

First Crimson Legion, First Company Bayushi Elite Guard
First Crimson Legion, rest of companies Black Cabal, Scorpion's Strike
Second Crimson Legion, 1st through 3rd Company Black Cabal
Fourth Crimson Legion Bitter Lies Swordmen
Eleventh Crimson Legion Scorpion's Strike Spearmen
Fourty-eighth Crimson Legion Scorpion Claws


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