Senpet Scimitar

A Senpet Scimitar

The Scimitar was a thin blade with a curve used in the Burning Sands. The cutting edge was in the outside of the curve.

Senpet Scimitar Edit

The Senpet Scimitar was adopted by the Senpet Legions as most used weapon. As not as hardly as the katana, it was a speedy and powerful weapon. These blades began to appear as the Senpet smithers learned the secrets of steel after the Scorpion Clan and their katana appeared at their lands. A Senpet Scimitar were considered masterwork respect other scimitars from different nations. [1]

Naga Scimitar Edit

The Naga scimitar was a heavy curved blade that used its weight and momentum to deal most of its damage. [2]

Ashalan Scimitar Edit

The Blade of the Blood-Sworn was an Ashalan scimitar, [3] the most common weapon used by their children. It was also used by adult, and the Ashalan Blood-Sworn favored its use. [4]

Moto Scimitar Edit


A Moto Scimitar

Moto Hazif found a way to adapt the methods used in forging katana to the creation of scimitar. [5] The Moto also used this kind of weapon. The scimitar of Moto Gaheris hung in the walls of Shiro Moto. [6] It was considered the Sacred Weapon of the Unicorn Clan. [7]

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