Scarab Case 
Scarab Case
Created by: The Khadi
First used by: The Khadi
Currently in the possession of: The Jackals in Rokugan

The Scarab Case was one of many treasures recovered from the Tomb of the Seven Thunders deep within the Shadowlands, shortly before that structure was destroyed. [1]

Appearance Edit

The netsuke was of gaijin origin. It was named such because of the intricate designs of scarabs, a desert-dwelling insect from the Burning Sands, carved on its surfaces. [2] It was covered in jewels with craved pictograms. [3]

History Edit

Origin Edit

The Scarab Case was a creation of the khadi, an ancient sect of heartless sahir from across the Burning Sands. Its intended purpose was to create and control undead. Any piece of a dead body placed in the case was instantly transformed into sand. A pinch of this sand, sprinkled upon the rest of the corpse, animated it into a zombie. As long as a portion of the sand created by the ritual remained within the Scarab Case, the zombie was under the complete control of whoever possessed the case, and could not be destroyed unless burned to ashes and the ashes scattered; any other damage would be regenerated. [2]

Tomb Edit

How the object came to rest within the Tomb was unknown, but it was recovered in 1168 by Daigotsu Rekai, head of the Lost's cavalry forces, [4] and identified as an object of great power by the entity known as the Ghul Lord, Th'lazz. The box contained sand which was stolen by the Nezumi Tik'tch. [3]

Jackals Edit

The case was being used by a small number of gaijin necromancers who called themselves the Jackals, and who served Daigotsu for an undisclosed purpose. [2] In 1171 the Master Saleh raised Voitagi, to use it as an infiltrator between the Plague Zombies during the Plague War. [5]

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