The Scales of the Carp is a secret juzimai of ronin traders, smugglers and gamblers that is funded and trained by the Yasuki family. The Yasuki supply them with equipment, information, and weapons in return for 70% of their profits. [1]

Founding Edit

After the First Yasuki War the Crane rejected trade with the Yasuki. A few decades later the Crab family began to select devious ronin smugglers at the Favorable Tides Inn in Sunda Mizu Mura to traded with the Crane to benefit the Crab. Thus the Scales of the Carp was founded. The Inn became the dojo of the organization. [2]

Tradition Edit

The Scales of the Carp are strangely without tradition. They might embrace a practice for years, then abandon it as soon as it becomes unprofitable. Nothing is sacred to them save the allure of wealth. [3]

Training Edit

The Scales are fond of experience. Potential members masquerade as servants or peasant laborers in an existing member's entourage, allowing them to observe first-hand the practices and methods of the organization. Experienced members who are not yet ready to negotiate on their own instead gather intelligence or are involved in sabotage. [3]

Known Techniques Edit

Sensei Edit

The title "sensei" is a bit of misnomer, as the Carp are not particularly militant. The group's leader makes the difficult choices regarding trade, negotiation, the economics of the group, and the sabotage of foes' assets. [3]

Known Leaders Edit


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