The Ise Zumi of the Dragon Clan were renowned for their cryptic demeanors and love of riddles and maxims, some often quoting directly from the Tao of Shinsei [1]

Known Sayings Edit

  • "What is most useful of the cup: What is there or what is not?"[2]
  • "Petting scorpions with a compassionate hand only gets you a sting."[2]
  • "The most difficult act in the world is to sit still."[2]
  • "Be more concerned with good actions than great ones."[2]
  • "Friendship is tested when it is time to share the burden."[2]
  • "Distant thunder tells of present danger."[2]
  • "See obstacles as they truly are, not as they appear to be."[2]
  • "A woman asked a wise man, "My husband drinks too much." The wise man said, "Might as well tell that to a fish.""[2]
  • "The mountains never learned to step aside."[2]
  • "When asked how he gained his great wisdom, Shinsei said: "Following my footsteps will not lead you to what I found.""[2]
  • "Every moment has a lesson for you to learn. Learn to listen."[3]
  • "Hearts are the repositories of secrets. Lips are their locks and tongues are their keys."[3]
  • "Treat everyone you meet as if they will die tomorrow."[3]
  • "Choosing between two evils is still choosing evil."[3]
  • "Even a goblin is beautiful at eighteen."[3]
  • "While you rest, your enemy practices."[3]
  • "Those who choose to stand alone, fall alone."[3]
  • "You can never bake the same cake twice."[3]
  • "Relish the moment before you make the first step on a journey, for that is the sweetest moment in the world."[3]
  • "When asked of the meaning of dreams Shinsei said: If only men put so much thought into what they see when they are awake."[3]
  • "The only true test of courage is the last one."[3]
  • "If you eat poison, don't forget to lick the dish."[4]
  • "A gift is given for the purpose of recieving one."[4]
  • "Suspect that all men are liars and that it will rain tomorrow."[4]
  • "Truth and peace never live under the same roof. When one moves in, the other leaves."[4]
  • "A face is never uglier than when it asks for praise."[4]
  • "Never trust a man on the merit of what he "once was" or "will be". Only trust who he is."[4]
  • "Friends do not hold on to the past, they hold on to each other."[4]
  • "Nothing offends anger more than laughter."[4]
  • "A courageous man has no need of weapons."[4]
  • "One must bow to offer aid to a fallen man."[4]
  • "Shinsei said: "My faults derive from my parents, my virtues are my own. How foolish is this?."[4]
  • "When you are gone," asked Hantei, "where will I find wisdom such as yours?" Shinsei answered, "In rice cakes"[5]
  • "If you are walking, walk. If you are running, run. Never meander."[5]
  • "Fear is afraid of laughter."[5]
  • Shinsei said: "I am only the ladle and the Tao is the well. When you are not thirsty, is your mind on the ladle or on the well?"[5]
  • "Brave deeds may be forgotten; brave men, never so."[5]
  • "The child wants to grow old fast, the parent wants to grow old slowly."[5]
  • "The nail that sticks out is the one that gets pounded first."[5]
  • "The price of greatness is paid by the great, but we all reap the benefit."[5]
  • "What is written is not what is, only what is written"[5]
  • "We only sympathize with pain when it is our own."[5]
  • "Do not simply say that anything is true. Know it is true or stay silent."[6]
  • A man climbed a mountain to find a shrine that housed a wise man and said, "I came here to find truth." The wise man answered, "Be glad you brought it with you."[6]
  • "Five and two multiplied are ten, but added are only seven. Learn by doing."[6]
  • "Kharma and shadows follow us all."[6]
  • "Don't trust a man who doesn't know how to smile."[6]
  • "If you only look for oranges at the top of the tree, you will go hungry."[6]
  • "What is wisdom?" one asked. "What is not wisdom?" the other answered.[6]
  • "For every single achievement, there are one hundred people looking for merit."[6]
  • "Fear is the measuring stick of ignorance."[6]
  • "Don't use two hands when one is good enough."[7]
  • "Criticism is kindness in disguise."[7]
  • "The fortuneteller cannot tell his own future."[7]
  • "In all the world, man is the only creature that has taught itself to argue."[7]
  • "Do not be concerned with any life but this one. One world at a time."[7]
  • "Many hands make too much work."[7]
  • "The simplest questions are the hardest to ask."[7]
  • "Blink your eyes and eighty years will pass."[7]
  • "Not all blooming flowers bear fruit."[7]
  • "It is difficult enough to master yourself, let alone others."[7]
  • "The most frightening truth is gained from the mirror."[8]
  • When a monk came home and saw everything had been stolen, his companions tried to give him comfort, but he smiled and said, "Why do you weep? He took nothing from me."[8]
  • "Do not look for life's meaning, look only to live."[8]
  • "Do everything as if you have nothing else to do."[8]
  • "The bird does not care how it flies, and oh! how it flies."[8]
  • "Many seek peace, but not many are ready to kill for it, even if only their own selves."[8]
  • "A diversion is just that and nothing more."[8]
  • "You cannot die well if you have lived poorly."[8]
  • "A patient man learns quickly. An impatient man, not at all."[8]
  • Two beggars sitting in the cold. One, without hands, says: "My feet are cold." The other, without legs, says: "So are mine."[9]
  • "If the well is bad, the village will die."[9]
  • "You cannot speak of the lion's wrath until you have been under it's claws."[9]
  • "Do not become a parent when your child is born; become a child."[9]
  • "Certainty murders possibility."[9]
  • The Emperor said, "I have a question." Shinsei said, "I have an answer." The Emperor said, "But you do not know my question." Shinsei said, "You do not know my answer."[9]
  • "Correct your mistake quickly. Not correcting it is the biggest mistake of all."[9]
  • "Preparation is prevention."[9]
  • "Metal is tested by fire; man by what he says."[9]


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