Sayel Blade 
Sayel Blade
Created by: Moon Kaleel
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Lost in the Sky

The Sayel Blade was a powerful artifact of the Burning Sands.

Creation Edit

Lord Moon Kaleel recognized the danger of their first creations, the Jinn. He knew that they had enough strength to rise against the heavens if they worked together, and desired a weapon to use against them should that day come. While Lady Sun Shilah created and named things, he allowed a single slip of Nothing to escape into the world, the Khayel. Lord Moon would use the Khayel against the jinn if needed. When the First Jinn War swept through the Celestial Heavens and Lord Moon witnessed his own imminent demise, he called upon his secret weapon, but it did not respond. It had been trapped within the Sayel Blade by the Jinn Lord, Kaleel. [1]

Appearance Edit

The Sayel Blade was a remarkable feat of martial engineering. It was as if the weapon was made from tar, yet fluid like water. But its most amazing attribute was its reaction to its surroundings, it was not sentient, but reactionary, recoiling from sharp prodding but conforming to touch applied gradually. [2]

Powers Edit

It had power enough to kill jinn. Even the Jinn Lord, Kaleel, feared what would happen if the blade was wielded by The Quest. [2]

Creation of the Universe Edit

The Celestial Alliance Leader, Lurza, believed the universe was made using the Sayel Blade. [1]

Wielders Edit

Tabari Edit

The Qabal Tabari used the sword to take revenge against his brother's assassin, Gathriq, and both died during fight in the tunnels beneath the Temple of the Black Stone. It was found and recovered by the Celestial Alliance and returned to their Citadel. [2]

Pashal Edit

The ebonite and member of the Celestial Alliance Pashal found it. He used the sword in the counterattack against the Jinn's Citadel, that was instrumental in the defeat of Kaleel. [1]

Sent to the Sky Edit

The Quest arrived to take possession of the Sayel, and the Sayel devoured Kaleel and his legion. Kaleel's brother, Israk, managed to funnel the Quest and everything they touched into the sky, so the blade was gone as well. [1]

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