Satsujinko no Oni, the "Oni of the Murderous Rays", was a force of pure taint. [1]

Appearance Edit

Satsujinko no Oni resembled a skeletal ogre with four clawed arms and wings, with a dark field instead of eyes, and a tainted black mist that seeped constantly from its mouth. [1]

Abilities Edit

Jade did not affect the oni, and even jade spells were of little use against it. The demon corrupted all around him with its only touch. Plants and insects wither and die as it walked by, and animals became misshapen. The smoke which came from its burned dead corpse would corrupt to everyone breathing it. [1]

Summoned Edit

Satsujinko no Oni was summoned from Jigoku in 855 by a maho-tsukai, during a time of continual skirmishing along the Kaiu Wall between the Crab and the minions of Fu Leng. [2]

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