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Satoshi was a ronin shugenja.

Ronin shugenja Edit

Satoshi reading a scroll

Satoshi and a guest looking a rare scroll

Satoshi was a ronin who understood all too well the meaning of power. He was certain that he could one day become a truly powerful shugenja were he not cursed with the life of a ronin. Satoshi could never study at the schools or the Great Clan to expand his knowledge. [1]

War of Spirits Edit

Satoshi was a member of an Otokodate, living within a temple. During the War of Spirits it was destroyed by the by the Steel Chrysanthemum's armies. Satoshi was the only survivor. [2]

Scroll Caches Edit

Satoshi was considered a vagabond priest, a swindler and sometimes even a thief. Once the Emerald Magistrates had been seeking him [3] for his activities within the Phoenix lands. [2] He was known to be in possession of scrolls who nobody knew how he could have obtained. [4] [5] Satoshi had taken matters into his own hands, and when the opportunity arose during the War of Fire and Snow, he began to collect the spell scrolls of the many dead shugenja. [1]

Sensei Edit

Satoshi was the sensei of Zokusei. Both were rogue shugenja that helped to anyone who need them. [3] Through magic Satoshi was able to communicate with his sensei. [6] Satoshi passed all the knowledge he had to her. [7]

Nanashi Mura Edit

In 1158 Satoshi aided Tamori Chieko in treating an outbreak of the plague in the village of Nanashi Mura. They beacme good friends. [3]

Isawa's Last Wish Edit

In 1159 Satoshi and his student were there when Shiba Aikune first unleashed the power of the Isawa's Last Wish. They tended the fields of the dead and dying after he moved on. After the destruction Satoshi saw, the ronin began to investigate the means by which the Wish was created. [3]

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