Please note: This article is about the ronin yojimbo. For other uses of the term, please see Satoru (disambiguation).


Satoru was a ronin scout and yojimbo.

Osami Edit

Satoru was one of the ronin who joined Osami, the man who had marshaled villagers to successfully defend themselves from the peasant revolters that plagued Rokugan. He followed him while Osamito's forces were increased, using them against these called revolutionaries, who eventually was known were led by Kokujin, the mad Ise Zumi, the self-proclamated Prophet of the Dark Lotus. [1]

Hunting Kokujin Edit

The Legion of Two Thousand and samurai from the Great Clans joined Osami in his hunt, and they succesfully found Kokujin's lair in 1169. Tawagoto and the others stayed to hold them off while wounded Satoru returned to send word. He informed Osami and was tended from two arrows jutted out of his back, both buried quite deep. The revolutionaries were defeated and Kokujin was eventually killed by his student Bayushi Shinzo. [1]

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Satoru 2

Satoru in a mission


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