A Sashimono

Sashimono were small banners, commonly worn by bushi on the back of their armor. Its use was introduced by the Kami Akodo himself. [1]

Purpose Edit

Sashimono were only worn on during wartime, they consisted of a small staff with an outrigger or crossbar which kept a colored banner visible from a distance to any observers. Their primary purpose was to allow for easy identification of formations in a battle by their commander and were used to identify the wearer or wearer's clan. [1]

Sashimono were worn by foot and mounted units, with some types denoting their function, type or ranks. [citation needed]

Appearance Edit

Divided into three sections each, the sashimono would bear the clan mon at the top, the family mon in the middle, and a blank field of the unit's assigned color on the bottom. [1]

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