Born: Unknown 
Died: 1120

Sasayaku, most commonly known as Whisper, was a merchant of Ryoko Owari Toshi. He was patroned by Yasuki Nobuko. Both were ingratiating, slimy, venal, and dishonest. [1] He run the shop Southern Treasures in the Two Gates neighborhood. [2]

Faked craft Edit

Whisper copied the original patterns and motifs of his competitor the Star of Silver. He used cheap copper and adulterated silver in the fakes. It ended when Shosuro Jocho, commander of the Thunder Guard, appeared with his men and Whisper got a few teeth knocked out. Jocho had been the lover of Shiba Shonagon, the maiden owner of the Star of Silver. [3]

Chased Edit

Stolen items Edit

Whisper used to buy stoled items to Shosuro Chizaro, a local bandit. In 1120 specially profitable merchandise was traded, festival items for the incoming Bon Festival, as fireworks, masks, and costums. [4]

Oni attack Edit

When Doji Juzo and Shinjo Sanefusa's warehouse were attacked by an oni, Whisper guessed the demon was seeking the items all of them had bought to Shosuro Chizaro, and that he would be the next. From his time in the Crab lands he knew only magical nemuranai could deal damage to these creatures and devise how to get one. [5]

Blade of Secrets Edit

Whisper, Suruko, and the Blade of Secrets

Whisper, Suruko, and the Blade of Secrets

An Ise Zumi called Togashi Ikyoto owed Whisper a favor, and sent him to steal the Blade of Secrets from his current wielder, Daidoji Anitano. Ikyoto passed him the blade, and Whisper found out. [6] Whisper departed to meet his beloved geisha, Suruko in the House of Water Lilies. [7]

Porcelain Mask Edit

The oni was seeking was a merchandise he had bought to Chizaro, a maho Porcelain Mask, which it found in Whisper's shop, but the oni had to flee when a samurai group arrived to the shop. [7] He did not know it was the Fourth Mask of Iuchiban, and Yajinden was seeking it. [8]

Death Edit

The oni followed the group and found them alongside Whisper in the House of Water Lilies. Chizaro no Oni quickly killed the merchant in the fray. [5]


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