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Born: Unknown 
Titles: Pearl Champion

Sasada was a ningyo, scout and Storm Rider of the Mantis Clan, and the first Pearl Champion.

Mantis Clan Edit

Sasada was born at the same time as Yoritomo Minori, a Mantis born dead over the sea and restored to life by the ningyo, who used pearl magic to restore the child to life and nurtured it over the course of its first year. Sasada was her crib mate. [1]

Pearl Champion Edit

The recent reawakening of the Naga race led the Rokugani to establish the position of Pearl Champion. Sasada was chosend after Minori, a trio of Naga Jakla, and himself discussed the matter. The Naga Jakla gifted Sasada with a rare pearl nemuranai capable of giving her human appearance and functionality. [1]

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Preceded by:
Pearl Champion
1199 - Present
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