Saru were shapeshifter monkey spirits.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Saru were short, squat and rather hairy in their human form. In their true form, they were simply talking monkeys with opposable thurnbs. [1] They were fast, nimble and they enjoyed powers of illusion or mind tricks. Sarus were able to speak while in their natural form. Tricksters and destructive by nature, they moved from Chikushudo to Sakkaku. Their pranks usually amused no one but themselves, but once shown the error of their ways, they became appreciative of Bushido. Some had chosen to integrate into the Monkey Clan to attone for their kind's mistakes. [2] A handful of saru had secretly infiltrated the clan out of friendly curiosity. [3]

Folk Tale Edit

Some said that if anyone spilled rice before a monkey spirit, he could not leave until every grain had been picked up. [4]

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