Sanshu Denki

A Sanshu Denki

Sanshu Denki were swamp beasts, also known as "the muck monster", and shaped like a salamander. Its maw was filled with long crocodile-like teeth, it had green skin, and was covered with several inches of oozing muck. They would eat everything, and it was known they could swallow a horse and a rider in a single bite. [1] It was blind, despite its two very small beady eyes. [2]

Ecology Edit

Sanshu Denki lived under the surface in swampy mud pools. Its skin was infused with a type of buzzing energy and whoever touched its skin was paralyzed for several seconds. Rokugani dealt with Sanshu Denki with ranged attacks, being its skin extremely soft and vulnerable. [3]

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Sanshu Denki 3

A Sanshu Denki

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