Sanru no Oni

Sanru no Oni

Sanru no Oni was a winged oni scourring the Shadowlands in groups of two or three, rarely more than four. It had two sets of arms and a fifteen feet wingspan. Sanru no Oni attacked mostly by swooping down on their preys. [1]

Crippled Bone Tribe Edit

Predations of a vicious pack of Sanru no Oni made the Chieftain of the Crippled Bone Tribe to order leaving the camp. One of his pack chieftains, Mat'tck, refused to leave, and was cast out of the tribe by the angry chieftain. He hunted the oni pack over a period of several weeks, returning to the tribe with the wings of the defeated oni. Mat'tck challenged his chieftain for leadership of the tribe, and the elder Nezumi surrendered without conflict. [2]

Clan War Edit

In 1127, in the month of the Dog, on their way to Beiden Pass, Crab forces seized and pillaged Ryoko Owari Toshi after defeating two of the Imperial Legions guarding the city. The commander choose not to destroy the city, but instead pillaged as many supplies as possible and returned to the main Crab army. [3] Sanru no Oni had descended into the city and began killing armed resisters. [4] They were also seen during the Battle of Beiden Pass, seizing a Dragon standard, [5] and in 1128 during the Battle of Bloodied Honor, where they flied over the fight, attacking any unprotected archer they saw. [6]

Assaulting the Heavens Edit

A pack of Sanru no Oni were defeated and killed by Ryu during Fu Leng's assault to the Heavens. [7]

Rise of the Lost Edit

Since the arrival of the Lost in the Shadowlands, Sanru no Oni had become increasing disciplined and organized, salvaging armor and weapons. A small number had even begun to train with the Lost to develop better combat techniques. [8]

Battle at the Tomb Edit

In 1168 a Sanru no Oni attacked a Miya Herald who beared the Imperial Standard of Toturi III in the Battle of the Tomb. Hiruma Sakimi saved the Standard from falling onto the Tainted dirt of the Shadowlands. [9]

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