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Ikoma Shinchiro was a bushi of the Lion Clan. He left his clan after a murder, becoming the ronin and pirate leader Sanada, founder of the Serpents of Sanada.

Ronin Edit

Ikoma Shinchiro had altered his family's histories to bring greater glory to his family's name, and it was revealed by Kitsuki Motoko, a Kitsuki ambassador. Shinchiro in a fit of anger murdered the Kitsuki, and escaped from the magistrates, and from the fallen Kitsuki's brother, Kitsuki Ketto. He found refuge in the village of Chibasu, where he decided to become a ronin pirate, Sanada. He killed Ketto after the magistrate discovered his secret headquarters in Chibasu. To honor the young magistrate, Sanada commissioned a grave with the kanji “Fearless Hunter” carved in the front. [1]

Serpents of Sanada Edit

Sanada was the founder of the Serpents of Sanada, a wako gang who hunted the Crane seas in 1163 with great success. Before the group began their pirate activities, Sanada had been sailing the waters of his hunting grounds for two years creating escape paths. [2]

Demeanor Edit

Sanada was a flamboyant man who believed himself a pirate directly out of legend. Using his notoriety he pressured many fishermen into keeping the location of his stronghold at Chibasu secret. Sanada had survived encounters with magistrate's ships so far only because of his genuine genius for naval tactics and his incredible luck. [2] He was vain, arrogant, selfish, insufferable, but not entirely without some twisted sense of honor. [3] Sanada was nicknamed Serpent's Coil. [4]

Allies Edit

Sanada had connections in Mura Sabishii Toshi, the closest Crane port city, and the Golden Carp Marketplace in Shiro Kaotsuki no Higashi. [5]

See also Edit


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