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Samurai of the Scorpion Clan

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The following is an alphabetical listing of members of the Scorpion Clan.

Bayushi Family Edit

Shosuro Family Edit

Soshi Family Edit

Yogo Family Edit

Other Edit

  • Abresax Senpet. 12th century.
  • Aotora Peasant. Herbalist. Aotora family founder. 12th century.
  • Hojyn Ashalan. 12th century.
  • Kuni Naganori Shugenja. Naganori family founder. 12th century.
  • Rokugo Rokugo family founder. 12th century.
  • The Sensei Bushi. Sensei. 12th century.
  • The Student Bushi. 12th century.
  • Yu Weh Bandit. Family name unknown. Dates unknown.

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