The following is an alphabetical listing of members of the Crab Clan.

Hida Family Edit

Hiruma Family Edit

Kaiu Family Edit

Kuni Family Edit

Toritaka Family Edit

Yasuki Family Edit

Others Edit

  • Haru Ashigaru. 12th century.
  • Hido Bushi. Monk. Family Unknown. Dates Unknown.
  • Jikagun Mujina. 12th century.
  • Kappuksu Goblin. 12th century.
  • Kinen Monk. 12th century.
  • Korjagun Mujina. 12th century.
  • Nijugun Mujina. 12th century.
  • Otoya Ronin. 12th century.
  • Rohata Bushi. Family Unknown. Dates Unknown.
  • Silence Bushi. 12th century.
  • Tadachika Ronin. Dates Unknown.
  • Tennyo Spirit. Scout. 12th century.

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