The Samurai Squad was an elite unit of the Thunder Guards of Ryoko Owari, but less than the most powerful Lightning Squad. It was formed with cynics, younger sons and ambitious samurai who did not want to put up with the work of the Lightning Squad. They were one of the most corrupt components of the Thunder Guard. [1]

Creation Edit

The squad was formed in the 12th century, upon patronage of Shosuro Jocho, the Guard's leader and son of the city's governor. Acceptance was a matter of political influence and application of hand gifts. [2]

Duty Edit

The purpose of the Samurai Squad was to deal with rebellious, unruly or drunk samurai, so they were assigned to the Noble and Licensed Quarters. [2]

Elite unit Edit

The squad was composed by twenty five officers, known as Koshiki, and about eighty men. They trained archery and kusari-gama, a weapon designed specifically to disarm sword fighters. [2]

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