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The term 'Samurai Legal' is used in relation to the Legend of the Five Rings Collectible Card Game (CCG). 'Samurai Legal' is used as a general descriptor that covers all the game cards that can be used during the 'Samurai arc'. The 'Samurai arc' is a limited format in which only cards from the Samurai Edition base set and certain expansion sets released shortly before it and subsequently can be used. Cards that are 'Samurai legal' have the Samurai logo in the bottom left corner of the card.


Samurai legality logo

The sets that are 'Samurai legal' are:

  • Khan's Defiance
  • Tomorrow
  • The Truest Test
  • Samurai Edition
  • Stronger Than Steel
  • The Emerald & Jade Championships
  • Honor's Veil
  • Samurai Edition: Banzai! (Reprint)
  • Words & Deeds
  • Additional cards from the Imperial Herald, The Clan of the Month program, the Ultimate Clan Packs, and major tournaments.

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