Samurai-ko were female samurai. Rokugan's society had a strict standard of conduct for social caste but genders themselves were not as strongly discriminated. [1]

Etiquette Edit

Samurai-ko were treated with the deference due a lady of their station, unless they were dressed and prepared for war. If a samurai-ko was dressed in 'mannish' attire, she was referred to with her military title. Female samurai were treated with the same respect as their male counterparts though they were typically expected to be softer-spoken and more lady-like in most clans. [2]

This did vary from clan to clan, with some families being strictly matriarchal like the Utaku, Moshi and the Matsu. The Matsu and Utaku had in fact higher standards for their samurai-ko than they did for their men, an expectation of chastity and honor not held to many men in the Empire. [citation needed]

Vows Edit

One of the vows that some samurai-ko took during gempukku was a vow of celibacy. They believed a samurai-ko could not be devoted to both a daimyo and a lover or husband, after all. [3]

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