Sakura family
Patron family: Kitsuki family
Clan: Dragon Clan
Founded: c. 1132
Daimyo: Unknown

The Sakura family was a vassal family of the Kitsuki who were dedicated to make the truth more difficult to ascertain, denying access to documents, discouraging investigations, and covering up facts. They believed that curiosity needed to be channeled to preserve order in the Empire. [1]

Founding Edit

Kitsuki Sakura was a shugenja who had fought the Lying Darkness for years. She even killed her own husband, Kitsuki Hyuji, when it was evident that he had been contaminated while seeking techniques to fight the Darkness. During the Twenty-Seven Days of Darkness she and her kin where overwhelmed by a concerted attack of the Darkness, but she used the link created in the act of being consumed to find out its secrets. As her last act, Sakura committed seppuku, to deny the Darkness its prize. The Kitsuki Daimyo Kitsuki Yasu created the Sakura family, named not in honor of Sakura's sacrifice but rather in remembrance of her example, to prevent the Empire from succumbing to the foes it sought to defeat. [2]

Knowledge Edit

A Sakura would take any research notes of those who they destroyed for further investigation into the nature of their foes. [3]

Holdings Edit

The Sakura maintained several libraries and laboratories in chambers adjacent to the Kitsuki Kaagi's Journal, and major Sakura operations were planned in this area. [3]

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