Sainika was a martial art originated in the Ivory Kingdoms.

History Edit

Creation Edit

Guru, men were equal part mystic and teacher, practiced the arts of focusing and channeling spiritual power through their bodies, which were the base of the Sainika. [1]

Art stolen Edit

The Cult of Ruhmal felt that the gurus were a challenge to their religious practices and wiped out the guru almost to a man, stealing their secrets for their own use, to train their assassins. [2]

Survivors Edit

A few gurus survived, and stepped forward to confront the ruhmalist each time they became a threat. They also passed their fighting arts on to the Kshatriya, an order of warriors sworn to protect the Kingdoms. [2]

New techniques Edit

The ruhmalists and the Kshatriya developed new and unique techniques, the first to kill and the last to defend. This art reached Rokugan through the Mantis Clan. [2] Also the Ebonites were practitioners, due to their relations with the Kshatriya. [3]

Style Edit

Sainika taught a number of strikes and kicks that could be used from different poses, teaching multiple approaches to any given situation. It was a highly athletic art, with jumping and movement emphasised in most poses. [2] Those who mastered the art taught an awakening of the senses in maintain a perfect awareness of the area around the artist during combat. [4]

Purpose Edit

Its maneuvers were sometimes referred to as "the Destroyer's dance", a reference to Kali-Ma the Destroyer. Those who master the an are considered avatars of the Destroyer in the mortal world. [2]

Training Edit

The ruhmalist students were selected for their ruthless attitude. Practitioners were living weapons, honed from young age to be a perfect killing machine. The Kshatriya selected their students in a similar manner, from those about seven years of age. [5]

  • Novices learned a low, defensive posture that allowed them to turn away many attacks without injury.
  • An intermediate student learned the basics of the essential offensive postures.
  • An advanced student learned the fluidity of movement, both offensive and defensive.
  • The expert was introduced to the mystical element the art possessed, and taught an awakening of the senses in maintain a perfect awareness of the area around the artist during combat.
  • A master had perfected both offensive and defensive postures, and could strike with such force that the physical impact was accompanied with a disruption of the opponent's chi.

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