Born: Unknown 
Died: (c. 1165
Children: Jineko 
Titles: Rikugunshokan

Akodo Saigorei, the Horned Lion, after the vanishment of the Akodo family became the ronin Saigorei. [1] He would become a master of the pike. [2]

Warden Edit

Saigorei rode alongside Matsu Agetoki in the fledging Lion Wardens cavalry unit. Saigorei seemed unstoppable over a horse, and Agetoki jokingly referred to him as the Horned Lion. He used to fight against the Unicorn cavalry in border skirmishes. [3]

Ronin Edit

After the Scorpion Coup and the disappearance of the Akodo family, Saigorei was still loyal to his Lord Toturi, so he decided to follow the way of the ronin, as did his childhood friend Akodo Tohaku. Agetoki allowed Saigorei to depart with his steed. His first work was serving as an escort for a Shinjo caravan master, his former enemies. [3]

Demeanor Edit

Saigorei considered himself as a coward. Despite of that he tried what looked not possible. [4]

Broken Guard Edit

Saigorei led an Otokodate of anti-cavalry mercenaries, the Broken Guard. They quickly built up a reputation when in 1124 they helped the Fox Clan to repel a large horde of mounted bandits that had plagued the Kitsune Mori. Hida Tsuru expressed interest in hiring Saigorei to train his own soldiers. [2]

Toturi's Army Edit

Saigorei 2


Saigorei offered himself as general of the combined forces of Rokugan to march toward Volturnum to fight the Shadows. [5] He was met by the new Scorpion Clan Champion, Bayushi Yojiro, and his yojimbo, Bayushi Aramoro. Yojiro gave Saigorei hundred thousand katana, nagamaki, naginata, and arrows - all of purest crystal. These weapons decided the fate of the Battle of Oblivion's Gate. In return, Yojiro requested that the clans should know that they lived not because of their honor but because of Scorpion one, aiding the restoration of Scorpion Clan to the Great Clan status. [6] In 1133 Saigorei and Toku pondered their chances [7] before they fought at the Battle of Oblivion's Gate [8] [9] on the day that the unioted armies of the Empire stood against the Shadow and refused to fall. [10]

Legion of the Wolf Commander Edit

With so many members of Toturi's Army dead, Saigorei realized that the time of Toturi's Army was done. What once was Toturi's Army became the Legion of the Wolf, an army of noble ronin who served in the Emperor's name. [11]

Four Winds Edit

Saigorei was beside his friend Akodo Ginawa and Toku, the Monkey Clan Champion. He saw much of Toku in his sons. [12]

Ruins of Otosan Uchi Edit

After the Fall of Otosan Uchi in 1159 Saigorei saw his legacy in ruins. What little they had been able to rebuild had been destroyed by a recent quake, essentially undoing all of their efforts since Otosan Uchi's destruction. He felt aged and told his daughter Jineko he would find a new leader for the Wolf Legion. [13]

Heibeisu Edit

Shortly after the end of the Dragon-Phoenix War in 1161 Saigorei led the Wolf Legion to the city of Heibeisu, to pledge their allegiance to its governor Mirumoto Shokan and the Dragon Clan. To the Wolf Legion Shokan was a kindred spirit of their founder, Toturi. [14]

Murdering Edit

Saigorei was appointed as governor of Heibeisu. In 1165 Members of the Wolf Legion found a body dead. Saigorei found the abandoned lair of a bloodspeaker cell in a tea house of the city. Kitsuki Iweko, a Kitsuki Investigator, charged him to continue the investigation. [15]

Rain of Blood Edit

After the Rain of Blood covered the Empire in 1165 Saigorei began to hunt bloodspeakers in an army led by Toku. They were joined by Mirumoto Kenzo and Mirumoto Mareshi in the Phoenix lands, where cultists had been seen. [16]

Hidden City Edit

The army received a dove with a message from the Master of Earth, Isawa Nakamuro. He requested their aid to protect the secretive city of Gisei Toshi, unknown for the Empire until that moment. A Bloodspeaker army was marching to assault the City, led by Yajinden. [17] The battle had fared badly for the Phoenix during three days until the arrival of Dragon and Monkey forces. The defenders were able to open the gates time enough to permit their entrance. Toku's son, Toturi Kyoji, had sent a messenger to Toshi Ranbo informing that the Bloodspeakers marched on the Phoenix lands, but he asked for no reinforcements. They were all trapped there, outnumbered, with little hope of aid, in a city that did not exist. [18]

Family Edit

He had a daughter, Jineko. [19]

Death Edit

Saigorei was with Usagi Kashira when died. Kashira sent words to Jineko. [20] His death was around 1165.

External Links Edit


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