Born: 130 
Died: 175 
Children: Soshi Sayoko 
Titles: Fortune of Magistrates and Judges

Soshi Saibankan was the judge who, alongside the Emerald Champion Doji Hatsuo, founded the Emerald Magistrates and the Imperial Legions in 153. He was elevated to the Fortune of Justice.

Birth Edit

Saibankan was born in 130. [1]

Judge Edit

During the second Century the Emperor came to dislike the arbitrariness of the judge system. He heard about the reputation of Soshi Saibankan who presided over Taiyo One Toshi for the last ten years. He was famous for being fair and the wisest judge in the land. The Emperor attended secretly one of Soshi Saibankan judgments and was impressed, even if this judge used unorthodox methods like fables. He then invited him to the Imperial City and asked him to refine the legal system [2] in the year 152, alongside the Crane Clan Champion and Emerald Champion Doji Hatsuo. [3] It was famous his stories about his "wise old Uncle Sochoku," parables of wisdom which he used to explain his rather unorthodox judgements. [1]

Imperial Legions Edit

In the year 163 officially reformed the Imperial Law and the system of “judges” was replaced by a network of magistrates. [3] Hatsuo, the military officer, laid out the framework for the Imperial Legions while Saibankan, the judge, organized the Emerald Magistrates under the command of the Emerald Champion. To this date, there has been no radical change in the system originally laid out by Hatsuo and Saibankan. [4]

Nanbu Family Edit

While traveling through Otosan Uchi at night on official business, Saibankan was ambushed by a group of armed thugs and his yojimbo was slain. A band of peasants led by Nanbu, a simple budoka, saved his life. Saibankan rewarded Nanbu and his fellows by granting them positions in his personal guard. They later worked for Saibankan's daughter Soshi Sayoko. [5]

Sensei Edit

After years of service to the Emerald Magistrates, Saibankan returned to his clan and spent the last decade of his life teaching his kinsmen the law and how it could be circumvented. [6]

Fortune Edit

Saibankan was elevated to the Fortune of Magistrates and Judges. [7] after he died in 175. All judges in Rokugan were called "saibankans", [8] and the shadowed network of contacts the Emerald Magistrates began to build was named Saibankan's Net in his honor. [9]

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