Sai no Oni

Sai no Oni

Sai no Oni were demons made of the tainted earth of the Shadowlands. They had a wide shell of lava on their back, and eight legs capable of moving at considerable speeds in comparison to their bulk. They were like large tainted turtles made of earth. Their skull was dense and sloping to protect their eyes, and their wide mouth was filled with blunt teeth used for crushing. They were essentially living battering rams, and as such were not particularily bright. They usually needed smarter oni to give them orders, and very few would follow human orders except maybe from the person who summoned them. The sturdyness of Sai no Oni became quite a problem for the Crab Clan, who resorted to experimenting with jade-tipped arrows and bolts for their siege weapons, just to take out any Sai no Oni. [1]


  1. Creatures of Rokugan; Third Edition, p. 160

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