Sagasu-do, the Hunter's Way was one of the minor martial arts which borrowed heavily from kobo ichi-kai. [1]

Style and Purpose Edit

Many of their techniques enhanced, or were enhanced by, Tsukai-sagasu's supernatural abilities. The style focused on the destruction of Shadowlands creatures, and had limited use against normal opponents. Sagasu-do was a tool for killing. The Kuni Shugenja often practiced sagasu-do to help find focus during their meditations. [1]

Training Edit

Sagasu-do had been passed down between the Kuni Witch Hunters for generations without any dojo or formal sensei, and they refused to teach sagasu-do to non-Witch Hunters. [2]

  • Drawing from the foundations of kobo, a novice learned the basic means by which the Witch Hunters had protected themselves for generations.
  • Sagasu-do quickly stepped away from its kobo origins, and the sagasu combined magic with natural skill to harm a tainted opponent.
  • Each Master had his own unique methods of dealing with the corrupted, though somec elements of their style were consistent.

Known Adavanced Maneuvers Edit


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