Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Four sons

Sadanobu was the miller of Blue Lotus Village, and in secrecy the Maho-tsukai leader of the Bloodspeaker cell at the village. He had an Agasha training. [1]

Bloodpseaker Edit

When his wife was ill he turned on maho to save her, without success. H had been urged on by a hannya living in the village and the taint she had spread through the village well. She left four sons, who began to learn maho. Another member of the family was his nephew Tsugiharu, who was not aware of his dark dealings. [1]

Miller Edit

Sadanobu was the local miller, and the bloodspeaker altar was beneath the millhouse. It was defended by Porcelain Mask zombies they raised from the murdered. [1]


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