A Game of Sadane

A Game of Sadane

Sadane was a test of quick thinking and analytical depth, in which the contestants took turns expressing criticisms of a mutually agreed-upon object. [1]

Game Edit

In a normal game of Sadane two contestants exchanged politely worded insults for several minutes until one was unable to response, either because they admited defeat or because they could think of nothing else to say. The sarcastic Kasuga rarely lose. [2]

Your kimono is most lovely. My grandmother had one like it when she was your age, I believe.
-From a Sadane contestant

Rules Edit

Each point must be a new contribution to the argument, not a restatement of something already said. The first contestant to be caught at a loss loses the match, although adjudicated sadane contests allowed the judge to give credit for style of expression. [1]

Winter Court Edit

Sadane Contest

A Sadane Contest

Sadane was a popular pastime at Winter Court, [3] especially among the younger courtiers who considered themselves wits and intellectuals. [1]

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