Agasha Library

Agasha Library

The Sacred Library of the Tamori family, also known as Agasha Library, was located throughout their home of Shiro Tamori. Seemingly organized in a manner only the shugenja of the family could comprehend, no outsiders were allowed to enter the rooms of the library, and should they require any information from the library a librarian would retrieve it for them. No scrolls were allowed to leave the castle, and anyone who wished to copy information from a scroll would have to obtain permission from the Tamori Daimyo. [1]

Agasha Defection Edit

The time of the Agasha defection was troublesome for the libraries. The Agasha who joined the Phoenix Clan retrieved many of the information there with them [2] which halted further research on the explosives and alchemy. Those shugenja who remained loyal to the Dragon focused in the herbalism and potions knowledge. [3]

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