Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Bayushi Yumita 
Children: Kuzuri

Sachika was a Budoka ashigaru.

History Edit

In 1169, Bayushi Yumita recruited students from the ashigaru. His most promising student was a young woman named Sachika. She was promised revenge against Kisada's gunso Hida Atsumori. Under Yumita's guidance, Sachika ambushed Atsumori at Friendly Traveller Village and ended his life.

The legacy of Yumita was a trained order of Scorpion Clan assassins who followed in the footsteps of the sinister sect of the Assassins in the Burning Sands. Yumita's base of power remains the Hidden Keep somewhere high in the mountains of the Scorpion lands. Kuzuri, Yumita's only son with Sachika, was a disciplined professional who was known amongst the assassins as the "son of the mountain." [1] [citation needed]

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