Iuchi Ryutaro was a shugenja of the Unicorn Clan, who shortly after the Return of the Ki-Rin became the first Unicorn Bloodspeaker. He abandoned his family name and pretense of humanity, maintaining his life for several centuries, as Ryutaro.

Exodus of the Ki-Rin Edit

Ryutaro was born out of Rokugan, during the Ki-Rin's Exodus. He was a direct descendant of Iuchi and cousin of the Iuchi Daimyo [1] Iuchi Moriho. [2]

Bloodspeaker Edit

His Clan finally returned to Rokugan in 815. [2] Ryutaro met a stranger of the Phoenix on his clan's third night in Rokugan, who taught him the foundations of his magic in a night. Ryutaro was ignorant of the dangers, and dove into maho. The Shadowlands Taint harnessed his mind, and Ryutaro became the first Unicorn Bloodspeaker. [1]

Longevity Edit

Ryutaro was fully indoctrinated into the paths of darkness, and formed a cell within his clan, the Demon's Breath Acolytes. In 1165 he was still leading the cell, long since abandoned his family name and pretense of humanity. As Ryutaro he lived in an underground complex in the eastern reaches of Utaku territory, near the Dragon Mountains. Though he was aware of Iuchiban's return, he did not immediately flock to him, as he was too close to becoming fully Lost, which was his most common fear. [1]


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