Born: Unknown 
Died: 1127

Ryuki was a chui of the Imperial Guard. In 1127 during the Clan War he rode to Crane lands and passed an Imperial message to the Captain of the Imperial Guard Seppun Ishikawa. [1] Ryuki followed Ishikawa after he left the guard and joined the Crane Clan. They moved to the Lion-Scorpion border, in the Spine of the World Mountains, looking to unveil the Scorpion conspiracy to poison the Emperor and secure control of Rokugan. [2]

Death Edit

When the forces where near a supposedly abandoned Scorpion tower, Heavens Crossroads, an arrow was fired killing Ryuki. Ishikawa's men believed it had been fired by Scorpion ronin, who died in the tower's gates. The truth was that Shinjo Yokatsu was the archer who killed Ryuki, as part of a kolat operative to divert Ishikawa's investigation and to put him under the track of the prophecy of the return of Fu Leng. [2]


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