Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named samurai,
un-named peasant woman

Ryotaru was a ronin bushi.

Ronin Edit

Ryotaru was born the son of a peasant woman and an unknown samurai while on a musha shugyo. A ronin, he left behind his home to find his father. Ryotaru had an innate understanding of kenjutsu, and eventually learned advanced fighting techniques from a sympathetic older ronin. [1]

Hundred Stances Dojo Edit

Ryotaru knew his father practiced a distinctive form of kenjutsu which had led him to several victories, and saw a Phoenix magistrate with the same style, the Hundred Stances. Ryotaru gained the entrance to the Dojo of a Hundred Stances after he defeated a student in a duel while waiting outside the dojo. Whenever Ryotaru would find his father he would demand an explanation for his actions. [2]

See also Edit


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