Ruined Keep of Fu Leng

The Ruined Keep of Fu Leng

The Ruined Keep of Fu Leng (WWW) was a haunted castle resembled as a dark obelisk in the Shadowlands whose origin was a mystery. It seemed to move about the Shadowlands at will, almost exibiting a malevolent intelligence. On rare occasions, the Keep manifested outside the Shadowlands. Once a traveller had become trapped inside they must endure endless riddles and tests of bravery to be allowed the possibility of escape. [1] [2] Inside it the walls and ceiling were decorated with carvings of goblins and other twisted creatures. [3]

Appearance Edit

The tower was constructed entirely of obsidian, and seemed to have no doors, windows, or any other notable structures. During the War Against Fu Leng, the Ruined Keep served as Fu Leng's base of operations. [4]

Location Edit

Ruined Keep of Fu Leng 2

The Ruined Keep of Fu Leng (WWW)

The Ikoma Histories gave several conflicting reports of its location, including the Shinomen Forest, the Spine of the World Mountains, and within sight of Otosan Uchi. It had been sighted near the Kaiu Wall every time the Crab Clan declared a Twenty Goblin Winter. The Keep was the site of the historic meeting between Shinjo and Fu Leng before the war began. [5]

Day of Thunder Edit

The Ruined Keep had existed since the War Against Fu Leng. [2] It was the place where the Kami Shinjo met his brother Fu Leng to reconcile with their fallen brother, but her efforts were rebuffed. Inside it the Seven Thunders defeated the Ninth Kami. When Isawa sealed the eleventh scroll the roof of the keep tore away, looking as a ruin. [6]

Phoenix Lands Edit

For some unknown reason, the Keep appeared in Phoenix lands not far from Quiet Forest Village sometime in 1168. It was discovered by the maho-tsukai Isawa Seiga who entered the Keep when fleeing from pursuers. His pursuers, Isawa Kimi and Shiba Yoshimi also entered the Keep, in an attempt to keep control of the Keep away from Seiga, but failed, and barely escaped with their lives. Shortly after the two escaped the Keep rose from the ground and began travelling east through the air, with Seiga still trapped inside. Kimi had used the void kami to alter Seiga in such a way that he could never be a part of the Empire again. Because of his connection to the Keep, the Keep also had to leave the Empire. [3]

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The Ruined Keep of Fu Leng


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