Rugashi Bazaar

Rugashi Bazaar

The bustling city of Rugashi (L4) in the Rugashi province [1] was the crossroads for those travelling in Lion lands. Merchants heading in any directions would stop here for supplies, and the sheer volume of trade inspires the greedy to turn a corrupt profit. The Lion were ever vigilant to ensure that many guests did not practice their dishonorable merchantile practices here. [2]

Only a few miles from Rugashi was located the smaller farming village of Chibasu, in the northern Lion lands near the Dragon border. [3]

Trade Center Edit

The city was the pivotal point of trade between Shiro sano Ken Hayai and Ninkatoshi. [4] It served as the main location for trade negotiations with the Lion, and was home to embassies of those clans that made commerce with the clan. [5]

Corruption Edit

The mer­chants subverted the city guard during the first half of the 12th century, handling their own affairs. The Emerald Magistrates noticed this slight decay in the ethics of the local magistrates, but no action were taken. [6]

Notable Locations Edit

Rugashi Toshi

Rugashi (L4)

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