Ruby of Iuchiban
Ruby of Iuchiban
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Disappeared

The Ruby of Iuchiban was a tainted gaijin magical stone the size of an egg. It was believed to have been from the Burning Sands, and was able to trap spirits inside it.

Iuchiban Edit

Ruby of Iuchiban 3

Ruby of Iuchiban

In 504 Iuchiban discovered the Ruby visiting the Imperial Treasury, and he learned how to use the gem to capture the souls of his opponents. [1] It was later lost in 510 during the Battle of Stolen Graves when Iuchiban was captured. It passed to Shinko Kamiko and later to Asahina Yajinden. [2]

Mohai Edit

In 714 Yajinden gave the ruby to Iuchi Mohai, who learned to love the stone and bound five kansen to it, Boutoku, Buyoka, Fukumen, Gomi, and Mudabanashi, as protectors and servants of the stone. In 750 the Imperial Guard cut down Mohai during the Battle of Sleeping River. [3]

Lost Edit

It was believed a bloodspeaker swallowed it and escaped with the Ruby. [4] The Ruby's taint devoured him from within, revealing him as a Tainted cultist and it fell into the hands of a Scorpion magistrate. The magistrate sold it to a Unicorn merchant who took it north and gave it to a concubine, who wore it for decades as an enormous pendant, unaware of its power. The concubine's grandson was ambushed by a ronin shugenja, who handed it down through four generations. Eventually the gang dissolved and scattered around 590, during the rule of Hantei XVI. His owner was eventually hunted by wolves and devoured. Some said that a race of Tainted wolves could be traced back to this incident. [2]

Mantis Edit

In 1132, the Ruby reappeared during the Mantis Invasion of the Phoenix lands, brought by a Moshi shugenja. In 1134 he died in a counterattack by the Firestorm Legion, and the stone was taken as plunder by an Asako who brought it back. [2]

Asako Edit

The Ruby was gifted to the current Asako Daimyo Asako Togama, who passed it to the clan treasurer. [5]

Dark spirit at Kyuden Asako Edit

The ruby was a gempukku's gift to Asako Kyoji, son of Asako Akahito, the master of the henshin. Kyoji was a secret bloodspeaker and the ruby taught him maho, releasing at Kyuden Asako a dark spirit, Boutoku. [6]

Iuchi Ietsuna Edit

In 1149 Iuchi Ietsuna, son of the Doomseeker Iuchi Karasu, ventured into the Shadowlands seeking what had happened to his father. A Bloodspeaker group defeated him and imprisoned in the Ruby. [7]

Shahai Edit

In 1165 the Ruby was in hands of Shahai, and she showed it to Iuchiban inside the Tomb of Iuchiban. Shahai attempted to lure Iuchiban into the Ruby, but was tricked when Iuchiban forced Yajinden's spirit inside it instead. Iuchiban was eventually freed from his prison, and the Third Rising of Iuchiban followed.[8]

Fate of the Ruby Edit

Ruby of Iuchiban 2

Ruby of Iuchiban

The Ruby was recovered in 1168 from the Shadowlands by Moto Akikazu at the behest of the Shi-Tien Yen-Wang, the Lords of the Death. [9] [10] Moto Tsusung worked on the Ruby of Iuchiban, which he believed contained the pure soul of an Iuchi. Akikazu was later able to release Iuchi Ietsuna from it this year, at which point the Ruby disappeared. [7]

Abilities Edit

The wielder of the Ruby could trap other souls indefinitely, placing the soul's body in a coma. [4]

External Links Edit


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