Ruantek was a nezumi Scout of the Grasping Paw Tribe.

Preparations of the Winter Court Edit

Ruantek 2


When the Four Winds issued invitations to the Emperor's Winter Court, the location of the court was to be left in the hands of the representatives of the Great Clans.[1] Ruantek was the nezumi who was chosen to vie for their favor of one of the Winds. [2]

Ruantek coloured four chips, one for each Wind; "Kaneka - red. Tsudao - black. Naseru - gold. Sezaru- white". They choose one chip randomly, and the selected colour was the Wind they would support for Emperor.[2]

Failed Winter Court Edit

After a Pekkle no Oni attack was prevented the court was over. [3] Ruantek scampered up the wall to hide, and holed up there several hours. From his vantage point he watched man in a black hood, Miya Gensaiken, walking with Isawa Sezaru, The Wolf. Only Hours later the Steel Throne disappeared in a cloud of greasy smoke and laughter. [4]

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