RPG Information Edit



Rosoku, Descendant of Shinsei

Statistics Edit

School/Rank Shrine of the Seven Thunders / 4
Honor 4.2
Status 2.0
Glory 1.0 (Monk)
Air 4 Earth 3 Fire 3 Water 3 Void 5
Reflexes 4 Stamina 3 Agility 3 Strength 3
Awareness 4 Willpower 5 Intelligence 3 Perception 4

Advantages Edit

Disadvantages Edit

  • Driven (fulfill father's dying wish)

Kiho Edit

Ancestral Guidance, Breaking Blow, Chi Protection, Cleansing Spirit, Ebb and Flow, Eight Directions Awareness, Falling Star Strike, Fortune's Breath, Harmony of the Four Winds, Harmony of the Mountain, Heart of Stone, Kharmic Strike, One with All, Purity of Shinsei, Speak to the Spirit, Touch the Void Dragon, The Wind's Truth.

Skills Edit

Athletics 4
Courtier 3
Defense 3
Etiquette 3
Instruction 6
Jiujutsu 4
Lore: The Elements 6
Meditation 3
Meditation 6
Theology (Shintao) 9

Major References Edit

  • Four Winds, page 133

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