Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Squeaky Eyeball Chieftain,
Council of the Eye Leader

Ropp'tch'tch was a Nezumi Rememberer of the Squeaky Eyeball Tribe [1] who united the Ratling tribes in defense of Hiruma Castle. [2]

Early Years Edit

Ropp'tch'tch was the only child of a nezumi family of farmers and herdsmen members of the Squeaky Eyeball, although she was not raised in the Valley of Stories, but in a small valley outside it. They were not fighters, and certainly not Rememberers. [1]

Trained as a Rememberer Edit

Ropp'tch'tch 3


She had a flawless memory, suited to take the old stories taught to her by her grandfather, and created stories which became popular. Ropp'tch'tch struggled to keep the family fed as her father's strength grew faint with age, so if they wanted to hear her, they would have to work the fields with her. A Torre'chek was sent by the Council of the Eye and the farmer's daughter was found the reborn spirit of an ancient Rememberer whose tales had been lost long ago. Ropp'tch'tch was in due course accepted into the schools of the Rememberers. [3]

Burning Sands Edit

Ropp'tch'tch went to the Burning Sands. [4] She journeyed there to become a true Rememberer of her tribe, following the ancient tradition of the Torre'chek, the Journeymen Rememberers. These Nezumi went out and find one new tale that was truly worthy of telling, reaching distant lands. Upon their return they were elevated and revered by the Squeaky Eyeball. [5] There she met and made friend of a gaijin with a flapping towel on his head, who used a Flying Carpet to travel from his native lands. [6]

Chieftain and Council Leader Edit

Ropp'tch'tch 2

Ropp'tch'tch in the Burning Sands

Eventually Ropp'tch'tch became the Leader of the Council and the facto chieftain of the Squeaky Eyeball Tribe. [7]

Demeanor Edit

Ropp'tch'tch was kind and gentle, and had a masterful imagination. She could speak Rokugani as well as the tongue of the Burning Sands. She carried with her a small amulet made in the shape of a running horse, formed of an unusual red glass, and turns black when it was time for Ropp'tch'tch to take another of her strange 'pilgrimages' into the Twilight Mountains. [6]

Theatre Edit

Ropp'tch'tch was fond of the Rokugani Kabuki, and founded a theatre to display it. [8]

Death Edit

Ropp'tch'tch most probably died during the War Against Shadow. [8]

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Preceded by:
Squeaky Eyeball Chieftain
(c. 1126)
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Council of the Eye Leader
(c. 1126)
Succeeded by:


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